NF Goalkeeper Academy

new-forest-soccer-goalkeeper-academyxafcb-nfs-logosThe best goalkeepers do a lot more than just stop shots.

Great goalkeeping requires many specialist skills so it follows that goalkeeper training demands specialist coaching requirements.

Our Goalkeeper Academy is run by Coach Ben Field, our professional Goalkeeper Coach who was previously with the AFC Bournemouth Academy. Coach Ben has worked alongside some of the top goalkeepers in the country and draws upon his vast experience in this specialist position.

New Forest Soccer

Players that excel will have the opportunity to represent the NF Academy

Bespoke Goalkeeper training sessions follow a structured, progressive programme. Areas covered include developing your:

Shot stopping, Decision making, Handling, Crossing, Positioning, Footwork, Reactions, Angles, Confidence, Improvisation, One v one’s, Distribution, Aerial work, Ground work, Communication with defenders & Agility.

We currently run the following sessions:

LYMINGTON – Woodside Park

MONDAY: 6.30pm-7.30pm School Years 3 – 7 (Ages 7-13)

NEW MILTON – Ballard School

THURSDAY: 5pm-6pm School Years 3, 4 & 5 (Ages 9-10)
THURSDAY: 6pm-7pm School Years 6 & 7 (Ages 10-12)


Contact us

Local clubs may also wish to utilise our bespoke goalkeeper training for this specialist position on Saturday mornings. Please contact the Coaching team for more info: or 07881 100007 / 01590 381311.